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Gomde UK Webinar
Webinar Recording
Building the Future of Buddhism – A Conversation on the Thubten Chökor Ling Temple Project Webinar took place on Friday 7th August. We were delighted that seventy people joined us to hear updates from Gomde UK and learn more about our plans to fulfil Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche’s vision by building the Thubten Chökor Ling Temple.

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A Few Highlights from the event
Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche spoke about the importance of the Temple to keep Dharma texts, statues and Thangkas, and most importantly for the study of philosophy and meditation. He also said that the temple would be the base for a monastic community who could practice and teach.

Lama Öser highlighted the great benefit for all humanity that Rinpoche’s vision will bring. This will be a place to come together for students to receive teachings, to reflect and to learn.

The foundations for the temple are currently being built. The foundations have been dug and damp proof membrane and reinforcing steel installed. The next step will be to pour the concrete. The first part to be poured will be under the Buddha Shakyamuni statue and half of the building. This will involve 13 trucks worth of concrete!

Geshe Tenzin Losel (Geshe Graham Woodhouse) described how the temple will provide a conducive place for study and the space for mental development towards compassion and wisdom. He emphasised the importance of the temple being the first traditional Tibetan Buddhist Temple in England and the positive ripple effect into our wider communities from both the building and the activities that will be undertaken there

Gomde continues to grow with the support of our communities good wishes, financial support, and hours of work both at a distance and at Gomde UK itself. We hope to recruit new resident volunteers, ‘volunteering from home’ volunteers and local volunteers in the coming weeks.
Building the future of Buddhism. A conversation on the Thubten Chökor Ling temple project
Over the last months, your kind messages of support have offered us great comfort and we have been delighted to have been able to keep in touch with so many of you via our regular newsletters and the teachings offered by Khenpo Tokpa Tulku.

Whilst we await the time when we are able to safely welcome you back to Gomde we invited our community to join us on Friday 7th August at 2pm for a special webinar. As detailed above, the webinar update attendees on our day to day life at Gomde and the plans and progress we’re making to fulfil Rinpoche’s vision for Gomde UK at Lindholme Hall.
The webinar included
~ A special video message for everyone from Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche
~ Updates – how we’ve been coping through lockdown and in the aftermath of the wildfire.
~ Our plans to build the Thubten Chokor Ling Temple in South Yorkshire. 
~ Views of the work completed on the temple site so far 
~ What’s next in the temple build project 
~ Your chance to ask questions about life at Gomde and the building of the temple 

Agenda & Speakers
> Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche — Special address via video
> Lama Öser — Live talk
> Geshe Tenzin Losel (Geshe Graham Woodhouse) — Live talk
> Paulette Benjamin — Trustee — Live talk
> David Benjamin — Trustee — Live talk
> Q&A

The webinar was held on Friday 7th August at 2pm BST and will lasted approximately 45 minutes. There was no charge to attend and everyone is welcome.