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Khenpo Tokpa Tulku 1
The Six Paramitas: Meditative Concentration and Wisdom
20th – 22nd March 2020
About this Retreat
Khenpo Tokpa Tulku is a brilliant Khenpo from Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery. (Khenpo is the highest academic qualification within our monastic tradition). Khenpo Tokpa Tulku speaks excellent English, has great humour and a rare gift for teaching westerners, which makes him a very sought after by all our Gomdes throughout the world. Do not miss this chance to receive teachings that will make the more complex topics of Dharma alive, relevant and accessible.


The Six Paramitas: Meditative Concentration and Wisdom, 20th – 22nd March

The Six Parameters — generosity, discipline, patience, diligence, meditative concentration and wisdom are the foundation for all the other practices.

Providing instruction to develop bodhichitta, the mind of enlightenment, which is the wish to attain enlightenment for the sake of others. Most importantly it provides instruction as to how we can move from bodhchitta in aspiration to bodhichitta in action; said to be the difference of wishing to go and actually going.

It is possible to present these teachings in many different ways and Tokpa Tulku will give teachings in accordance with the inclination, level and interest of the group. The main emphasis of the teachings will relate to meditative concentration and wisdom

This is a rare opportunity to study and contemplate the Dharma at a deeper level with an experienced and skilled guide; a wonderful opportunity not to be missed.

Khenpo Tokpa Tulku Residency
Khenpo Tokpa Tulku will be taking up residence from 17 March until 10 April. There will be three retreats in this period as follows:

Khenpo Tokpa Tulku 1 (20 – 22 March)
The Six Paramitas: Meditative Concentration and Wisdom

Khenpo Tokpa Tulku 2 (26th March – 1st April )
The Six Paramitas: With special emphasis on concentration and wisdom

Khenpo Tokpa Tulku 3 (3 — 9 April)
The Six Paramitas: Meditative Concentration and Wisdom 

If you would like to attend all three of Khenpo’s teachings, we can offer you a 20% discount. Please book all three seminars, pay your deposit and send a note under special requests to the organisers of this event or contact helen@gomde.uk

Khenpo will also be giving two talks at Lincoln University, detailed below.

Attendance Options
All accommodation options include the retreat fee and all meals. The day visitor option includes lunch and dinner.

Shared room (max 4 persons): 135.00
Single Room: 190.00
Single room with en-suite: 210.00
Camping: £90.00
Day Visitor: 60.00
Day Visitor — Saturday Only: 35.00

Talks at Lincoln University
We are pleased to announce the Khenpo Tokpa Tulku will be speaking at two events at Lincoln University during his residency at Gomde UK:
Monthly Lincoln Philosophy Salon: 31st March
Philosophy Research Seminar: Wednesday 18th March

If you would like more details of these events, please contact: helen@gomde.uk