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Charity Prize Draw!
A once in a life time opportunity!
A flight experience in a pulsar two seater plane!
A bespoke experience with a choice of time, date and flight circuit. 

£5.00 per entry

All proceeds will go to help support projects at Gomde UK.
A heartfelt thanks to this generous offer from pilot Andy Young.

Draw will be made on 30 July at Gomde Lindholme Hall open Day.
Flight experience with Pilot Andy Young
Andy has taken dozens of passengers on experience flights. This will be a bespoke, unique flight, where the successful entrant can even take the controls for a short while should they wish! Scroll down to read Andy’s story – his childhood memories of Lindholme and his extensive flying experience!
Enter the charity prize drawer
Please complete the entry form and follow the payment link.

1. Entry Form
You will need to provide us with your name, contact details and select the number of tickets you wish to purchase.

2. Payment
Once you have made your payment, we issue your unique prize draw number/s and get in touch after the draw!

Entry Form

Important Information
1. To take the flight, the individual needs to be in good health and less than 16 stone. If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor.
2. If won, the prize must be used within 6 months.
3. The prize can be awarded to a friend or a family member
Andy's story
I spent the first 12 very happy years of my life living in Hatfield Woodhouse. In the 60s and 70s RAF Lindholme was a large part of village life. Many RAF children attended the primary school and lived among us off base in the village.

My most vivid memories are of waiting for the Military Police vehicles to disappear after their inspections of the runway and sneaking onto the airfield with my friends and climbing into the scrapped aircraft that were used by the fire brigade for fire practice. Spending many happy hours running up and down the old DC3’s and playing pilots in the cockpit, before running home excited about our adventures. These experiences really helped shape my life long passion for flying. 

Lindholme Hall was always a place of intrigue and village stories. I remember looking out of my bedroom window in the 70s to see the sky was red and smokey, like I’d never seen before. It turned out the peat bogs were on fire! Over the next few days the village was a hub of activity as Boots Hanson, Red Adair’s (the American oil well fire fighter’s) nephew and his crew came over from Texas to extinguish the fire. My father, who wasn’t a drinker, would attend the Robin Hood pub in the evenings to see the big Texan’s in their Stetson hats sampling the local beer and hospitality.

In 2019 against the backdrop these very special memories, I was intrigued when I saw advertised the summer fete at  Lindholme Hall. I decided to take a trip down memory lane and attended the event.. I had a great afternoon remembering the old days and also getting to know the new owners, a Buddhist charity. I so impressed at the way they were taking care of the place, their friends and neighbours and the wider community. I decided there and then that I wanted to support them. COVID intervened but I have not forgotten my wish to help and here I am 3 years later!

I’ve taken dozens of passengers on experience flights and like nothing more than sharing my passion for flying with them on what has often been their first experience of flight.

I hope by offering an experience flight to Gomde, Lindholme Hall I will get the opportunity to fly the successful entrant on a bespoke, unique flight. Maybe over their house, the Peak District, the Humber Bridge or Gomde Lindholme Hall,  even taking controls themselves for a short while should the wish.

I’m looking forward to hopefully meeting you and sharing my passion with you, good luck!