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Becoming Radically Happy
A User’s Guide to the Mind
13th April – 11th May 2021
About this Course
We are delighted to announce a new series of 5 workshops focusing on Basic Happiness with Erric Solomon. The workshops will be held online via zoom on Tuesday evenings 6.00–8.00pm, beginning April 13th and concluding May 11th.

This event is donation based — suggested donation £50 — £100. But please simply give what you can afford.


The teachings and methods are grounded in authentic Buddhist principles but conveyed through the lens of a modern lifestyle, providing an uncluttered ‘Users Guide to the Mind'. Disarmingly clear, this 5 week set provides a great first course for beginners and a wide awake refresher for the more experienced practitioner.
Course Content
These workshops are based on the book Radically Happy and focus on the first part of the programme, Basic Happiness, where we learn how and why to become more present moment focused.

We all want to be able to cope – we need a subtle sense of wellbeing, that is always there no matter what life throws at us. How? Making a slight but radial shift in our lives – moment to moment. This will be a practical programme where we begin to experience how to make such a shift. During the workshops we will study the material, try out meditation exercises together and share our experiences. During the week, participants  will be asked to read material, continue to practice the exercises and reflect in a journal. This enables participants to develop habits that they can continue to rely on far after the completion of the course.
Registration and Attendance
Registration for this event is by donation. The suggested donation £50 — £100. But please simply give what you can afford.


All sessions will be held on Zoom.
You can download zoom here: https://zoom.us/download
We recommend using a computer, laptop or iPad.
The Radically Happy programme
The Radically Happy programme has been carefully developed over several years by Phakchok Rinpoche and Erric Solomon.

“Phakchok Rinpoche has been trained in the traditional Buddhist wisdom culture and has a deep understanding of the mind and how it functions. At the same time, having lived and travelled all over the US and Europe, Rinpoche is also very familiar with modern life. Erric Solomon not only has a science and business background but also spent years studying the ancient wisdom tradition of Tibet. Together they wrote a book that is perfectly adapted to the modern mindset— which is constantly overwhelmed by the frantic pace of our world. In these times, we have lost the root of happiness. Rinpoche and Solomon guide us to discover the authentic basis of happiness, and it’s compassionate, loving expression. Radically Happy is an essential guide to getting the most out of your heart and mind, which will help make our world a better place.” – Tsoknyi Rinpoche

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More about Erric Solmon
Being completely present brings a basic contentment. Caring for others as we would care for ourselves brings a sense of interconnection and meaning into our lives. Making this slight, yet radical, shift in our perspective, frees our mind, brings joy and has the potential to transform the world. – Erric Solomon

Throughout his career as a Silicon Valley technology entrepreneur, and now as an author and innovative meditation teacher, Erric has been interested in understanding the mind and how it functions, both as a user experience designer and as a mind hacker.

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