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“We want everyone, in whatever way they want, to be part of this centre for study and meditation”
Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche
Due to the Covid 19 restrictions, Gomde has returned to a mainly volunteer based organisation. While there is a sense of being back to square one, we also see that this is a time of renewal and building on strengths; despite the apparent difficulties with the COVID retrictions there are opportunities.
Within an environment where our key focus is to keep our volunteers safe, we gently emerge into a new way of being. If you have enthusiasm and would like to help there is likely a role for you.

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Residential Community
As restrictions are now relaxing we will be considering applicants for our residential community. All being well we anticipate that we may be able to move forward with this during April.

We anticipate that 2021 will have less face to face activities. This provides a perfect opportunity to develop and nurture our residential community group. Taking a key role in Gomde in our new pioneering phase, we require good all rounders to help in all areas, especially those that suit your skill set and interests. We especially interested in resident volunteers who have an aspiration to help grow and sustain Gomde, all its activities as well as the development of the resident community itself. We are keen for our residential community to be willing to offer a commitment of 4 months plus.
If you are interested in joining our residential community, please contact paulette@gomde.uk

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Join the 100 Club!
Assist from the comfort of your armchair and have a little fun! The 100 Club helps raise funds for Gomde and provides a little fun for its’ members. Members each pay £5 per month towards the monthly draw. Half the money collected is returned in prizes for the three monthly winners and half the proceeds are made as a donation to Gomde to support the daily running of the centre.

To join the Lindholme 100 Club, please sign up via the following link and please tick the monthly donation box. Thank you!

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Send Us Good Wishes and Keep up to Date with Our Activities
In Buddhism our motivation is considered extremely powerful, wishing us well and keeping us in your thoughts is therefore particularly beneficial. If you would like to keep abreast of our activities please sign up for our regular newsletter; get to know us and if you would like to visit just check out our visiting section.

School Visits to Gomde UK
We welcome visits from local primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. We can offer a full or half day of guided activities tailored to your group, providing insight into Tibetan Buddhism and the varied conservation work carried out here on the land. For more information, please contact: paulette@gomde.uk
Visiting Gomde UK
Gomde remains closed to visitors, although we are now welcoming back our volunteers, with strict guidelines for social distancing, which means that some of the essential work here can be accomplished.

Contact details: Call 01302 842 503 or email national@gomde.uk.

Rangjung Yeshe Gomde
UK Tibetan Buddhist Centre
Lindholme Bank Rd, 01302 842503
Hatfield, Doncaster DN7 6DT national@gomde.uk

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