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Gomde Christmas campaign – how to sponsor a block for the temple!
Building the walls of the temple – together
A heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated to our Christmas campaign. As each block is laid the temple becomes more and more a reality.The foundation walls are now peeking out of the ground openly declaring the coming of the temple.

Given the enormous merit involved in this project we want to give everyone the opportunity to be involved in the building of the Temple. To complete the temple substructure a total 18,000 blocks will be required. The campaign is still open if you would like to sponsor a Temple block, or as many Temple blocks as you would like! The more blocks that are sponsored the more Billy and Glenn can build.

The Masters tell us that building a temple is the most profound way to accumulate merit and purify negativity. To be a part of such a profound undertaking is indeed a rare opportunity.
We invite you to share in this auspicious undertaking.
How to get involved – SPONSOR A BLOCK for £21
1. How many blocks would you like to sponsor?
For £21.00, you can sponsor one block. For £42.00, you can sponsor two blocks, and so on. Simply calculate the donation required for the number of blocks you wish to sponsor and make your donation.

2. Make your donation.
You can make your donation via the link below. Please choose ‘one off’ donation from the drop down menu and enter your amount. You will receive a confirmation of your donation.

3: The record of your block in the Temple Ledger
We will contact you to confirm your details and to ask whether you wish to be included in the Temple Ledger.

Give the Gift of a Temple for this and countless generations
Every sponsorship of over two blocks is eligible for a handmade Christmas card describing the gift of the temple sent via royal mail to a person of your choice.

Please note, it’s not possible to provide Christmas cards after 12th December!

Please contact helen@gomde.uk to request this option.