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To keep abreast with our growing community of residents, visitors and volunteers we are continuously extended all our accommodations. Over the years, we have developed and refurbished derelict rooms and added Rinpoche accommodation, Lama suite, commercial kitchen, extra bathrooms, and many sleeping rooms.

Picture: Lindholme Hall
Meditation Hall
In 2009 from a derelict workshop and with very little funds, we created a simple, practical and beautiful meditation hall. Thanks to Rinpoche’s kindness and the generosity of various sponsors, over the years the simple hall has been adorned with a solid oak floor, a hand made oak shrine, a central golden Buddha Shakyamuni statue and a collection of the Kangyur and Tengyur.
Single Rooms
We have very comfortable single rooms in both the Hall and in our Coachhouse. Some rooms have en-suits, and those in the Hall have wonderful views across the front field.

Picture: Hawthorn Room, Lindholme Hall.
Shared rooms
We have a number of shared rooms accommodating between three and six people during larger seminars. All rooms have bedside tables and lamps. Our coachhouse rooms have a wash basin in each room.

Pictured: Elm, Lindholme Hall.
The Retreat Hut
We offer supported individual retreat in Lindholme Hall and two retreat huts have been built on the land in secluded areas.
Glamping at Gomde
We are in the process of creating 8 en-suite rooms in the new studio workshop. By the time of the retreat the rooms will be incomplete and finished to a habitable /glamping standard with bed (including all linens) and space for individual meditation. Retreatants will have the use of shared bathroom and toilet facilities. This provides a very affordable option for joining the retreat.
Camping in our grounds
Gomde provides an idyllic camping spot. We have a camping area located very close to the Hall, Coachhouse and facilities. Located within the Hatfiled Moors, we do have a great number of insect friends in the warmer months. Campers must come prepared.
Dining Facilities
We have a beautiful dining facility, known as the ‘patio diner’ in the Coachhouse, seen here. In the warmer months, we can open all the doors and dine al fresco; very Yorkshire! The patio diner is where all meals are served during retreats – breakfast, lunch and dinner, usually buffet style.
Other facilities
We have a number of wonderful spaces and places to spend time within in whist you are staying at Gomde UK Lindholme Hall, these include:

Our Library
We have a growing library with over 1,000 books both in English and Tibetan.

Our Shop
We have a small shop, full of lots of books, authentic ritual items and states from Nepal, and many other beautiful items. Our shop is open during seminars and retreats.