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Gomde closed until further notice
Current Status at Gomde
Following the recent introduction of government restrictions to combat the COVID 19 pandemic please be advised that Gomde remains closed to visitors. We are however welcoming back our volunteers, with strict guidelines for social distancing, which means that some of the essential work here can be accomplished.
Online Teachings
Our in-person events for the rest of the year have now all been cancelled. We are particularly sad to miss our community events this year which include the summer Fete and Kora Walk.

We have resumed our Monday Meditation Study Group via zoom. If you would like to join please contact paulette@gomde.uk. Please note places are limited.

Following an extensive risk-assessment we have decided to resume offering our retreat huts for personal solitary retreat. Please see our retreat page for further information.
If you are interested in our online events and teachings please visit our events page.

We pray that you all remain safe and well during this difficult and complicated time.
Owing to the current extremely serious public health issues posed by the Covid-19 virus, Gomde Lindholme Hall closed to all visitors. We are all strongly advised to keep our contact down to a minimum for everyone to keep safe so please do not visit until the situation is resolved. We can however be contacted by email and phone. Please be aware that the care-taking group at Gomde is small, so your enquiries may not be answered immediately. During this period, as well as keeping things ticking over, we will focus on study, reflection and meditation for the wellbeing of all.

We urge everyone to take the current situation as seriously as possible. As Dr David Shlim said at the start of the pandemic, think of it as a war situation with the NHS as our army. Help the war effort! Every person who gets infected will infect, on average, two others — ten rounds of this cycle and from one person 2,000 people will be infected. Preventing infection for one person can therefore have a huge impact. For those of us in higher-risk groups, simple contact could be life threatening. Please be careful, vigilant and take best care for yourself and all others.

Thank you for your co-operation and support. May you all be safe and well.