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Individual Retreats – Gomde Retreat Cabins
Individual Solitary Retreat
The Dharma encourages us to take time in solitude to better get to know our mind without outer distraction. The retreat cabins at Gomde are perfect for this but as they are secluded, off the grid and situated in woodland they are for more seasoned practitioners. The retreat huts are available for retreats retreats of 5 days or more.

If you are interested in retreat, please contact: retreat@gomde.uk
The Woodland Retreat Cabin
If you cannot stabilise shamatha at Gomde’s retreat hut you will not be able to stabilise it anywhere. – Gehse Graham, 2016

The retreat cabin is located within a secluded woodland setting chosen by Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche. The design is simple and well insulated with basic amenities. It has a large window overlooking the woodland with screened porch area for outside meditation, a small wood burning stove, a kitchenette (with small gas hob) and a compostable toilet.

The hut is ‘off the grid’ and has no electricity; solar lights are supplied. Food Supplies can be ordered and delivered through Gomde once a week, and weekly washing is possible. There is no shower at the hut but it is possible to use the camping showers.

£150 for 5 days
£175 for 1 week
£280 for 2 weeks
£440 for 1 month
£400 for second and subsequent months
Orchard Retreat Cabin
‘Gomde is lush for retreat. It’s as if the practice simply comes to you.’ – SB, 2020

The orchard retreat hut is located a little distance from the main buildings and sits within the pear orchard with views over the woodland and fields from 2 large windows. It is a beautiful construction, larger than the woodland retreat cabin, with two stories having a bedroom in the upper gallery room.

It has a wood burning stove and is double glazed, insulated and off the grid, with small kitchenette area, practice space and comfortable reading area. It has a composting toilet and water is fetched from a designated area in the centre. It has no separate bathroom but it is possible to take showers in the camping area at the hall. Food Supplies can be ordered and delivered through Gomde once a week, and weekly laundry washing is available.

£210 for 1 week
£375 for 2 weeks
£540 for 1 month
£500 for second and subsequent months
Cancellation policy for the retreat cabins
Should you need to cancel your retreat booking, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. We will offer a full refund if the cancellation is made two weeks prior to the planned start date of the retreat.
Please note that anyone undertaking retreat in the hut needs to take a COVID lateral flow test prior to travelling to Gomde.

You can cancel your booking by emailing us at retreat@gomde.uk