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Our Library
“A library for dharma text is the precious treasury of wisdom, and that’s an invaluable treasure; it’s more valuable than any kind of material treasure.”
Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche
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A community-centered Library
We envision our library to be one that is aligned to the needs and desires of our community. There’s no fixed definition of what a library should encompass — we’re open to and excited about hearing your thoughts, ideas, and feelings about everything from our services and collections, to how you access the library. Nothing is off the table; all suggestions are welcome! Below is a link to an online suggestion box, or you can email your thoughts and ideas to rory@gomde.uk.

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Our new temporary library space
While the permanent library space within the temple is under construction, we have created a temporary library next to the dining hall. This library currently holds 4,000 texts of which many are available for lending.
Creating a Centre of Research
We are placing the foundations for our library to be a premier research hub and sanctuary for both practitioners and scholars. Our new online catalogue is designed to seamlessly integrate with other academic libraries worldwide and across the UK. By fostering collaborations with both local and international universities, we aspire to offer a distinctive collection of knowledge.
As our charitable aims also include conservation and environmental fieldwork, study and research, as we progress, the library collection will also include academic research focused on environmental studies conducted at Lindholme Hall and the encompassing Hatfield Moors.
Donating to the library
If you’d like to contribute to our library by donating texts, please reach out to Rory at rory@gomde.uk. Your donations will enrich our collection, making a variety of dharma texts available to our diverse community. We’re gathering texts from all Buddhist traditions, as well as works related to the culture, history, and countries traditionally associated with Buddhism. If you’re considering a donation, get in touch. Furthermore, if you possess any furniture that could contribute to making our temporary library space more inviting, comfortable, and beautiful, we would be delighted to hear from you.
If you would like to offer your time or expertise to this meaningful project, we welcome your involvement with open arms. We are especially in search of individuals with the ability to read and translate Tibetan.

Please reach out to Rory at: rory@gomde.uk to discuss how you can contribute.