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Lindholme Summer Fete
30th July 2022
Come and see what we're all about!
Saturday 30th July

We are pleased to announce the date of our fete and invite you to save the date! It’s been two years since we were able to hold the event and we are truly excited to welcome friends old and new to enjoy the fresh island air and all the delights of the summer fete!

We’d also like to encourage anyone who would like to contribute to the fete and all aspiring volunteers to get in touch. The Lindholme Hall fete is a wonderful way to get involved in the centre and meet the ever growing Gomde team.
A day with something for everyone!
All the old favourites will be on offer – exploring nature with Natural England and Doncaster Naturalists, tours of Lindholme Hall and a beaming meditation hall with Lama Öser. We are also pleased to welcome back the Danum Archers, who first came to Lindholme in 2019 and were very happy with our archery field. We have new local stall holders, Lindholme crafts and produce will all be in full swing, as will be the music as it takes on a new jazzy theme. You can see the progress we are making on the new Temple and perhaps sponsor and lay a block. You will be contributing a truly amazing building. We hope to be blessed with sun, illuminating the lovely land, flowers and gardens for you to explore.

We’d love you to join us on this special day, perhaps to enjoy Lindholme Hall estate for the first time, to be in a place you know and love, or perhaps even both! As the time drawers closer, we look forward to sharing the full fete line up.

Please save the date!
Volunteering and Contributing
We welcome volunteers and contributors for the day. You may wish to help out on a stall, or you might like to offer a stall? We’d love you to get in touch. If you’ve been thinking about volunteering at Lindholme Hall, this might be a good day to dip your toe in!

Please email: volunteer@gomde.uk