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Summer Open Day!
10th August 2024
In the beautiful landscape of Lindholme Island, come see the world in a different way!
Saturday 10th August 10.30 am – 4pm

You are all invited to the Lindholme Hall Summer Open Day 2024. Come and see what we have been up to over the last year. Catch up with friends, relax and enjoy all the Estate has to offer. Our cafe area provides comfortable seating under cover, and the land and gardens provide the perfect place for a stroll.

Entry: Adults £1.00, Children – FREE
All funds raised directly support the work of the charity.
Summer Open Day Highlights!
Doncaster Stories Film
Enjoy the meditation Hall and learn about meditation
Conservation at Lindholme: Making a ‘Mossery’
Gomde UK’s new Library
Lindholme Hall Tours
Have-a-Go Archery
Doncaster Family History- trace your past! 
Sylvie’s plants and the Walled Garden
Music, delicious food, tea and cakes in the courtyard!
Doncaster Stories (Film) 2023
We’re very pleased to be showing Doncaster Stories, created by the award-winning documentary film maker and multi media specialist Wayne Sables.

Produced with the support of City of Doncaster Council and Heritage Doncaster in conjunction with the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, Doncaster Stories features the faces and voices of more than 20 people sharing their own stories of Doncaster. The project premiered in September 2023, projection mapped onto the imposing facade of the Historic Cusworth Hall.
Learn about Meditation
“Where does peace come from? Love and compassion. There is no other source” - Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, Spiritual Director, Gomde UK.

These heartfelt words from our Spiritual Director encourage us to nurture peace in our lives. The Buddha’s method to uncover these peaceful qualities of the mind are study, reflection and meditation. At our open day, you can enjoy our meditation, learn about mediation and Tibetan Buddhism.
The Gomde Mossery
An exciting new venture to create a mossery to propagate our ‘in-house’ sphagnum moss, a major building block of peatland regeneration. The mossery will benefit biodiversity, hold rainwater on the Moors, reduce downstream flood risk and tackle climate change. Find out about the project and how to get involved!

Conservation talk: What's the point of Moss?
Can you support our Raffle?
If you can offer any gifts, items or experiences for our raffle, we’d really appreciate hearing from you. In past years, people have offered everything from delicious consumables to massages, homewares and teddy bears! We’re grateful for everything you can offer!
Volunteering and Contributing
We’d also like to encourage anyone who would like to contribute to the fete and all aspiring volunteers to get in touch. The Lindholme Hall fete is a wonderful way to get involved in the centre and meet the ever growing Gomde team!

Please email: helen@gomde.uk