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New Roles Offered at Gomde UK
Roles at Gomde UK – October 2022
Gomde UK is an international Centre for the study and practise of Buddhism. We are currently looking for one person to fill two discrete residential roles:

Role 1. Centre Coordinator
Voluntary Worker Placement

Role 2. Project Coordinator – Building the Team
Freelance Role for 1 year (£5000– £7000)
Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche’s Vision for Gomde UK
Gomde UK is a Buddhist Centre established by the Charity Rangjung Yeshe UK in 2009. The Spiritual Director is Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, a renowned Tibetan Buddhist master. Gomde’s charitable objectives are twofold; to offer authentic Buddhist teachings and spaces for retreat and to protect and best preserve the rare habitat of Lindholme Estate. Central to our community is an ethos that actively endeavours to live sustainably and in harmony with each other and the natural world. As a dharma centre we practise meditation twice daily and everyone in the community is encouraged to join. Daily group meditation practice helps form the core of our purpose.

In September 2022, Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche clarified that in the coming years the Centre will become a monastery with a large temple. Gomde UK will be a place that nurtures and trains a monastic Sangha, preserving the source of the Dharma for generations to come.

This new vast vision necessitates a strengthening and expansion of the charity's people base. To underpin this growth, the Charity seeks to bring on board a Centre Coordinator and Project Coordinator to lead Gomde’s ‘Building the Team’ project.
What difference will you make?
Performing key roles, this is an opportunity to make a truly significant contribution to the development of Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche’s vision for Gomde UK, which will bring vast benefits to people for present and future generations.
Centre Coordinator
Role 1: Centre Coordinator (Residential Placement)
Responsible for coordinating the centre operations, general administration and the volunteer community.

Type of position: Voluntary worker placement
Term: 1 year subject to a 3-month settling-in period (possibility of extension after 1 year)
Hours: Part-time voluntary worker placement 28 hours per week approx.
Compensation: Full board and lodge & free access to individual and group retreats and teachings.
Holiday entitlement: 5.5 weeks pro rata
Location: Gomde Lindholme Hall, Lindholme Bank Road DN7 6DT, South Yorkshire
Reporting to: Centre Director
Responsible for: Coordination of Operations

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* Please read the full role description before applying.
Project Coordinator – ‘Building the Team’
Role 2: Project Coordinator – ‘Building the Team’ (Residential Placement)
Responsible for developing and managing key elements of volunteering at the Centre, being central to the success of recruiting and retaining the volunteers needed to deliver the charity’s operational and community objectives.

Type of position: Freelance and residential role.
Term: 1 year subject to a 3-month settling-in period
Hours: Approximately 1 day per week.
Compensation: £5,000 — £7,000 depending on skills, experience and fit.
Reporting to: Centre Director
Location: Gomde Lindholme Hall, Lindholme Bank Road DN7 6DT, South Yorkshire
Responsible for: Building the Team Project.

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* Please read the full role description before applying.
Getting in touch with questions
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to ask questions about these roles. The Trustees are willing to be be imaginative about how they may work in practice.
Please write to Helen, at info@gomde.uk