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Our Vision
At the urging of our Spiritual Director, the leading visionary Buddhist master Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, Gomde UK has embarked on the most important project in its history – building a traditional Tibetan Buddhist temple.

When we asked for a name for the temple Rinpoche slept with a draft of the temple brochure under his pillow. The following morning Rinpoche made the decision to name the temple Thubten Chökor Ling —‘The Island where the Wheel of Buddha’s Teachings Turns’.

Why build a Temple?
Inspire — through its design, presence and perfect location the temple will act as a beacon, creating a sense of awe and wonderment.
Preserve — the temple will be a permanent home in the UK for the Buddha’s teachings, providing a place of lineage, sanctuary and meaning.
Teach — the temple will become a place of excellence, a seat for great teachers who can impart the essence of the Buddha’s message to people of all backgrounds.
Gather — The coming together of large groups for practice has enormous power and merit; directed toward the benefit of all beings.
A temple is a physical representation of the Buddha’s teachings, designed to inspire and relax the mind.
What will the Temple look like?
Following the traditional Tibetan Buddhist style and built from local Yorkshire limestone, the temple has been designed to last for this and many future generations. Could a building be designed to last until the end of time? We have settled for 500 years.

The temple will be approached by nine steps and will have three floors. The ground-floor shrine hall will accommodate up to 400 people, with a library and rooms on the floors above. A central glass pavilion will open into a large atrium, illuminating the floors below and all surmounted by a golden pagoda roof.
The Thubten Chokor Ling Temple is perfectly situated; surrounded by nature on all sides, set in the centre of a six-acre meadow and encircled by birch woodland.
- Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche
Who will benefit from the Temple?
A temple for everyone – The temple will be of spiritual, educational and cultural interest for adults, young people and children from the UK and further afield.

Buddhist practitioners – Offering exemplary teachings and rare facilities, it will serve both Buddhist practitioners and scholars and host significant gatherings.

The local area – Attracting many visitors, it will have a positive economic impact locally as well as increasing opportunities for well being and spiritual growth.

The environment – The temple is located in the centre of a peatland; a landscape of rich biodiversity and environmental significance. Creating a permanent home for the Dharma will ensure that our conservation and environmental goals will be consistently pursued and given appropriate priority, thereby benefiting all beings.
If one carries a stone seven steps to help in the building of a temple, this activity is so meritorious that you will be born seven times as a universal monarch before finally attaining complete enlightenment.
–The Buddha
What has happened so far?
2014: Rinpoche selected the site where the temple would be built, setting us on the journey to undertake this great task.
2017: Planning permission was obtained with the unanimous support of Doncaster Town Council.
2018: Structural and building plans were completed.
2019: Rinpoche encouraged us to be bold and inspirational. Following Rinpoche’s advice, building work began.
2020: The foundation raft was built and completed.
2021: Work on the substructure walls began.
How will the Temple develop and what are the costs?
Phase 1: The Substructure £377,000. (£95,000 spent)
The foundations, the foundation walls and lower ground level.

Phase 2: The Superstructure £899,600
Temple level, library level and upper terrace level along with roof windows and outer doors.

Phase 3: Interior work £889,200
Plumbing, electrical, heating, internal walls and doors and decorative aspects.

Phase 4: Exterior Finish and decoration. £403,000
Current phase
Phase 1: The Substructure – The foundations, the foundation walls and lower ground level.

We have now begun work on the foundations walls and lower ground level. This is an extremely significant part of the build, supporting the whole Temple structure. The foundation walls will be constructed of three layers and be 1.2 meters (4 feet) thick.

In addition, this level provides purpose-built rooms for all ritual preparation and storage — a space where the shrine flowers are arranged, tormas hand crafted and everything needed for practice has a place
The masters tell us that building a temple is the most profound way to accumulate merit and purify negativity.

To be a part of such a profound undertaking is indeed a rare opportunity, and we invite you to share in this auspicious undertaking.
Joins us – be a part of the Temple build
Incredible progress has already been made to help the Temple come into being. The foundations are now complete and £95,000 has already been spent.

Our next goal is to complete Phase 1 and to do this we need to raise £282,000.

We welcome offerings from everyone, be it good wishes, particular skills, or donations large or small; every pound, every effort, helps to make the Temple become a reality.

Please remember your offering can be dedicated in the name of your loved ones, to those who have died, and ultimately for the benefit of all sentient beings.

If you have any questions about donating to or helping with the project, we would love to hear from you. Please contact info@gomde.uk

Temple activities and campaigns
One Million Mantra Campaign
Join together and make aspirations for the Temple

Mantra Campaign