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Random Acts of Kindness 2020
Random Acts of Kindness!
The wonderful Ms Kate Roddick, with a band of trusty supporters, has unleashed her loving kindness once again to help support our Gomde family in these very lean times.

By offering a Random Act of Kindness, and/or pledging to support some else’s RAK, you can be a great support and bring much joy to many!

Random Acts of Kindness can be spiritual deeds, practical kind acts, favours in your community or simply something fun to make us laugh and spread smiles! Just simple things you can do whilst in lock down.
Can you offer a Random Act of Kindness?
1. Think of a Random Act of Kindness that you might like to offer.

Make it fun — no time limit. We already have ideas from Mantras to Dog walking!

2. Send your Random Act of Kindness to Kate at RAK2020@gomde.uk by 3 May

Please provide your name, a short description of the RAK and when the act will approximately occur!
Can you sponsor a Random Act of Kindness?
The wonderful Random Acts of Kindness received will be compiled below and sent out via our Gomde Newsletter. Simply get in touch with Kate to let her know which RAK you wish to sponsor and make a donation via the link below.

Hey Presto! Lots of kind things get done. The Gomde family is supported through difficult times.
Merit and blessing abound! Happy pledging!!!
Random Acts of Kindness
1 . Paulette Benjamin. Pledging to learn the Heart Sutra off by heart and recite it 108 times to benefit the Gomde Community.

2. David Cox For 21 days David will recite the Tara Sadhana four times a day.

3. Jess Reid will compile recipes from all the dishes she has made at Gomde. Any contributions very welcome!

4. Paul Collom is volunteering in his Hartland Community to deliver prescriptions door to door. 

5. Kate Roddick Is reciting 10,000 Medicine Buddhas Mantras, for health and healing.

6. Chris Perring is offering 6–8 hours of pottery classes, all material and firing costs supplied. No time limit. 

7. Adrian Leigh is shopping for elderly neighbours.

8. Angie Ball is growing vegetables and sharing these with neighbours.

9. Helen Felcey is doing ten Sun Salutations daily.   

10. Andrea Clarkson-King is offering a blank random act of kindness voucher to Gomde UK, to be redeemed at such times as we are allowed to come back. Andrea will also chant the Cloud of Blessings for one month.

11. Tara will transcribe three or more of Kenpo Tokpa Tulku’s recent talks.

12. Ann-Clare will be doing nine prostrations daily (three times three).