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Friday 11th – Sunday 13th October
About this retreat
Work with your elements and change your life! As we work with the five elements in Ayurveda and the Tibetan Art of Healing we will develop a greater understanding of our body and how to heal ourselves.
Through a practical study of the Four Tantras and Meditation within the Dzogchen and Ayurvedic texts we will have an opportunity to work with and understand the mind. Kate´s workshops are always fun and full of insights.

If you have also had the Medicine Buddha Empowerment this will be very helpful for deepening the practice.

Building on last year´s course, we will deepen our experience through greater knowledge, practical simple adjustments with lifestyle and diet and, of course, the way we think. The course will be suitable for all, including newcomers and all followers of Kate´s teachings.


Reference book:
Nature of Life: The Tibetan approach to Health and Wellbeing by Barbara Van Schaik.
ISBN 978151236606
About Kate Roddick
Kate has been studying Tibetan Medicine and Ayurvedic Healing for over twenty five years. She studied in Dharmasala India, Nepal and Scotland under many renowned Tibetan Physicians. Kate presently lives in Edinburgh where she runs a clinic.
In the authentic teaching style of the great masters, Kate offers her teachings freely. Following this tradition there will be an opportunity to make an offering to Kate at the end of the retreat. Suggested donation: £20 – £40.
We have a variety of on-site accommodation options, all of which include the retreat fee and all meals (breakfast, lunch and supper). Alternatively, you can attend the course as a day visitor. We hope there are options to suit all. If anyone has difficulty with costs please contact us regarding your circumstances.

Shared Rooms — £120.00
These are single sex rooms; maximum 4 people per room. Shower room and toilet located on the same floor.

Single Room — (no en-suite): £150.00
Shower room and toilet located on the same floor.

Single Room — with en-suite: £190.00

Camping — £90.00
Please bring your own equipment. The camping area is located next to the main house in a picturesque spot. Campers can use our camping facilities — a shower and toilet block next to the house.

Retreat Hut — single occupancy: £170.00
Our retreat hut is located in our woodland, by the main house. Details of the retreat hut can be found here.

Day Visitor — £50.00 lunch included. Supper booked separately.
Cancellation: policy and dates
If you cancel up to 1 month before the event, you will be required to cover our administration fee of £25.
If you cancel up to 2 weeks before the event, we will retain your deposit (£50) but refund any further funds.
If you cancel within 2 weeks of the event, if we can re-fill your place, we will only retain your deposits and return remaining funds. If we cannot fill your place, we will retain 50% of the course costs.