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Vajrakilaya Retreat with Lama Öser
21st – 23rd October 2022
Lama Öser will return to Gomde UK to lead a Vajrakilaya retreat 21–23 October. We are extremely fortunate to host Lama Öser here at Gomde UK — this will be his final visit of the year and we hope to see many of you here.

Please note: We are now full for single room bookings for this retreat.

About the Sadhana Practice
The practice of Vajrakilaya is at the heart of the ancient Vajrayana traditions of Tibet. The wrathful heruka Vajrakilaya is the yidam deity who embodies the enlightened activity of all the buddhas manifesting in an intensely wrathful yet compassionate form in order to subjugate the delusion and negativity within us that can arise as obstacles to the practice of Dharma.

In fact, the practice of Vajrakilaya is famous in the Tibetan Buddhist world as the most powerful for removing obstacles.
Participants are required to have the empowerment to join this retreat.
Please note Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche bestowed this to all participants at the annual seminar this year.
The retreat will begin in the late afternoon of Friday 21 October and conclude after lunch on Sunday 23. More information coming soon.
Retreat Costs
This retreat is by donation. Your donation covers room, board and access to all teachings.

Suggested donation for ensuite single rooms, £150
Suggested donation for twin ensuite rooms or single rooms, £125
Suggested donation for shared rooms 2–4 people, £95

Please note places are limited.
Lama Oser
It is traditional to make an offering to the teacher following a retreat. There will be opportunity to offer Khata and a donation at the conclusion of the retreat.