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Residential Community Volunteer
During COVID restrictions we are not currently accepting applicants for these posts but please contact us NOW if you have an interest in joining us in the coming months.
Taking a key role in Gomde in our new pioneering phase, we require good all rounders to help in all areas, especially those that suit your skill set and interests. We anticipate resident volunteers will have an inclination to help grow and sustain the resident community and be willing to offer a longer commitment of 3 months plus.
‘Volunteering from home’ volunteer- opportunities available now!!
Having the opportunity and circumstances to ‘take time out’ and physically be at Gomde is rare. But all is not lost as it is possible to volunteer from a distance.
We currently have a number of people who offer both major and ad hoc support to Gomde at a distance. If you have a skill that you would like to share and develop we would be delighted to hear from you.

Currently we have help with media and marketing, accountancy and bookkeeping, visa team, transcribing teachings, fundraising and procurement for the shop. There are lots of way to help please get in touch so we can work out together what your contribution could be.
Local Volunteers: Opportunities not currently available as we are closed due to COVID restrictions
Join our trusty and friendly band of local volunteers. Apply now to be ready for when we open!

Local volunteers are a central part of Gomde UK, helping to sustain the estate year-round through regular or ad-hoc volunteer service. Our team is friendly, open and informal and foster a great spirit of community. Whether you’re looking to share your skills or develop new skills we will have something for you:

Conservation work with our land team
Garden work in the formal or vegetable gardens
The cooking team
The housekeeping team
The building team
The events team
The admin team
Please contact us for more information.
Practitioner volunteer
Currently not available – we will keep you informed of when these places will be ready. Part retreat, part volunteer. People who wish to deepen their practice in a supportive environment whilst also willing to help on different levels perhaps Dharma related eg helping with the meditation hall, daily practice and meet and greet of our visitors. These part time volunteers would pay a non-commercial rate for their stay and offer agreed periods of service.
Short term resident volunteers
Currently not available – we will keep you informed of these opportunities when available. As a short term resident volunteer you would be involved 5 days per week, 7 hours per day in an agreed range of activities, according to your interests and skills. All resident volunteers are invited to join the community in group practice, use the library, meditation hall and explore the beauty and seclusion of the estate. Volunteers who could offer a specific time period for volunteering from 4 weeks to 2 months.
Short term and part time resident volunteers
Currently not available – we will keep you informed of these opportunities when available.
We have a part time volunteer programme that enables people to stay at Gomde and offer their skills to offset the costs of staying here.

Part time help ~ daily 4 hours (fees for food and accommodation £25 per day)