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A Tibetan Temple for Gomde UK — The Story, Design & Symbolism
13th December 2021
Webinar Details
We are delighted to invite you to our forthcoming webinar, ‘A Tibetan Temple for Gomde UK — The Story, Design & Symbolism’. Peter Oudshoorn, our headline speaker, was the principle architect for the Temple here at Gomde UK.

There is no charge to attend and everyone is welcome.

Date/Time: Mon 13th Dec, 7pm GMT
Venue: Held via Zoom.

The event will last approximately 1 hour.
Once you have registered, we will then be in touch with the joining instructions.

About the talks
The Webinar will focus on Tibetan Buddhist Temples – the historical design and the importance of symbolism, as well as some of the background story to the Thubten Chökor Ling Temple here at Gomde UK.

The talks will include:

* A brief history of Tibetan temple architecture
* A summary look at two different types of temples
* The story behind the creation of the Thubten Chökor Ling Temple design
* An exploration of symbolism particularly in relation to the decoration of Tibetan temples
* An update on the build of the Thubten Chökor Ling Temple
About our speakers
Peter Oudshoorn is a Dutch architect who graduated from Delft University in 1992. In 2011 he connected to Buddhism and met Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, for whom he started to work on the renovation of the centre in Austria. In 2014 Rinpoche invited him to Nepal to work on the 1000 Buddha temple in Lumbini and since then Peter has worked tirelessly on all aspects of building at the monasteries under the auspices of Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche.

Peter has studied and researched Tibetan temple architecture extensively. He has visited Tibet several times and has also travelled around Nepal to visit Tibetan temples there. During his work on the Lumbini temple, Peter learned from the Tibetan lamas involved in the design there, the knowledge of which he is translating into designs for temples at Rinpoche’s centres in the West. Peter is the principal architect for the Thubten Chokor Ling Temple being built at Gomde UK

Peter will be joined by David Benjamin, Trustee at Gomde UK and our Temple Project manager. David has a background in structural engineering and development, with a particular interest in environmentally friendly  buildings.
Gomde UK Temple
You can read more about Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche’s vision for Thubten Chökor Ling within our Temple Build section.

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