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Thubten Chökor Ling Temple
The temple design is of the traditional Tibetan Buddhist style. Built from local Yorkshire limestone, the Temple has been designed to last for this and many future generations to come. Could a building be designed to last until the end of time? We have settled for 500 years. Knowing all to be impermanent, much emphasis has been placed on the structural design which incorporates proven strength and durability, partnered with accessibility and simplicity to facilitate maintenance and repair.
The temple will comprise three floors with a central glass pavilion opening into a large atrium, which will illuminate the floors below. The roof terrace will offer panoramic views and all surmounted by a golden alloy roof.

The ground floor shrine hall will accommodate up to 500 people with large shrines to Buddha Shakyamuni and Padmasambhava. The first floor will house a substantial library with glazed vertical wall panels to enclose the library facilities and provide views upwards through the atrium and to the shrine hall below. The lower ground floor will offer a studio for ritual preparation and storage.
The Temple will be a significant building for its architectural and cultural significance, being built with authentic, symbolic structure and detail which representing important aspects of the Buddha’s teaching and understanding of the phenomenal world.It will provide an inspiring physical home for the teachings of the Buddha to be nurtured, practised and accomplished. The Temple will benefit many beings on different levels; from those who simply, but significantly, decide to be kinder, to those who seek liberation and to free all beings.

Courtyard Complex