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Webinar – Net Zero and Beyond
Over the coming years, what we do to get to carbon net zero (when the amount of greenhouse gases we add to the atmosphere is no more than the amount we take away) will have a major impact on the world we live in.

The UK has committed to achieving net zero by 2050. In recognition that reaching net zero is a crucial step in the fight against climate change we are committing to achieve it by 2022. We hope doing so demonstrates our clear commitment to getting ahead of the challenge to help prevent catastrophic climate change and hope that we will become an inspirational, real life example for sustainable living.
Following the serialisation of our carbon net zero strategy in recent weeks we are now delighted to invite you to a special webinar where you can learn more about our plans for a carbon-neutral future.

Speakers include:

Dr Murray Rudd, Environmental Economist
Louise Hall, Consultant Ecologist and member of the Lindholme Old Moor Management Group
David Benjamin, Trustee and Gomde Building Project Manager
Erric Solomon, Dharma teacher and co-author of Radically Happy
Webinar Recording
The webinar was held on Thursday 5th August at 7pm. The recording is now available to view via YouTube.

Listen to the Webinar
More about our speakers
Murray Rudd, Environmental economist
Murray is an environmental economist and policy researcher by training. He has broad career experience in the private sector, with 12-yrs in fisheries and aquaculture production in Canada and Southeast Asia, 5-yrs in government as a senior economist with Fisheries & Oceans Canada, and 15-years in academia.

Louise Hill, Consultant ecologist and member of the Lindholme Old Moor Management Group
Louise Hill has worked as a freelance ecologist since leaving postgraduate training in Landscape Design at Sheffield University in 1995, having first studied for a degree in Botany (Plant Sciences) at Oxford. She has been involved with Lindholme Old Moor since the mid 1990s when the Doncaster Naturalists’ Society ran informal birch-bashing work days to improve habitat for nightjar on what was then fondly known as the “Section 39 Area”.

David Benjamin, Gomde building project manager
David is a founding Trustee of Gomde UK, Project Manager for Buildings at Gomde, and resident within the community.

Erric Solomon, Dharma teacher and co-author of Radically Happy
Throughout his career as a Silicon Valley technology entrepreneur, and now as an author and innovative meditation teacher, Erric has been interested in understanding the mind and how it functions, both as a user experience designer and as a mind hacker.
In 2021, thanks to the help of our friend and supporter Murray Rudd, we have been able to provide a paper which covers the scientific context for local carbon mitigation initiatives at Gomde UK.

Read the Paper

Implementing our policy has enabled us to halve the carbon footprint of our buildings; a track record that has been achieved step by step over the last 11 years. Galvanised by the increasing climate crisis and seeing what was within our reach, we have now created a plan for net zero carbon emissions, which can be reached by 2022.

Read the Plan