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Buddhist Monasteries and Nunneries for the study and practice of the Three Yanas.
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Monlam — Aspiration Prayer
Buddhist Philosophy, Himalayan languages and holistic education.
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International Centres for Buddhist Studies and Meditation.
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Tibetan Buddhist Teachings, Meditations and Resources.
Rangjung Yeshe Institute
Translation and Publications of Buddhist classics, treatises and contemporary teachings.
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Helping the poor and disadvantaged in Nepal.
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An open-door policy
Following Rinpoche’s guidance we have always had an open-door policy. We share skills, are offered skills, train people, provide opportunities for growth on all levels and take care of each other; in this way we have thrived. As Rinpoche said, “All are included, not one excluded”.
“We encourage ‘kind, calm and clear’ for all and, by further developing links to our wider community, we aim to foster secular ethics, encourage, and be a model for, healthy communities and contribute to social and economic regeneration.”
Paulette Benjamin, Gomde UK Trustee
Lindholme Hall Annual Community Fete
Since 2012, we have held an annual summer fete, an open day for all our communities near and far. It is an opportunity for visitors to come and enjoy the festivities and beautiful grounds of the Lindholme Hall Estate. Our next fete will be in July 2020. If you would like to take part in the event, perhaps offering a stall, or as a volunteer, please get in touch with helen@gomde.uk
Kora Walk and Kinship of Faiths
The Kora Walk and Kinship of Faiths Prayers are a time for making aspirations for true dialogue and a peaceful, co-operative and harmonious future together; locally, nationally and internationally. Kora, to walk mindfully around a sacred object, is thought by Buddhists to be a form of meditation, which benefits the individual, the area and the wider community. The ‘Kinship of Faiths’ Prayers is a small interfaith gathering held during the Kora Walk Day. The next Kora Walk and Kinship of Faiths will be held on Saturday 14th September 2019.

School Visits to Gomde UK
We welcome visits from local primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. We can offer a full or half day of guided activities tailored to your group, providing insight into Tibetan Buddhism and the varied conservation work carried out here on the land. For more information, please contact: paulette@gomde.uk
“The best thing about coming here is it’s like coming home, or arriving at your destination. When driving down the lane that leads to this special gem of a place, it’s like entering into another dimension. The tranquility, peace, and calmness surrounds your whole being.”
Gomde UK Volunteer