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2021 – The year of the resident community at Gomde UK
In many traditional paintings, the Buddha can be seen in the right-hand corner pointing at the moon in the opposite corner. The moon symbolises the truth, the way things really are, and illustrates that the Buddha can’t make you liberated but he can point out the way, show you the path. For those who wish to traverse it, the Buddha’s teaching provides a path from suffering to peace, from confusion to liberation.

The Buddhist tradition is extremely rich and benefits those who simply want to lead a more meaningful life to those who wish to gain enlightenment for the sake of us all. Here at Gomde, we want the Buddhas’ wisdom and insight to be available not only for current generations but for countless future generations, in a form that can be shared and practiced – a living tradition.
A robust heartland for the Buddha’s teachings
It is one of our aspirations that Gomde UK becomes a robust heartland for the Buddha’s teachings, serving, supporting, and nurturing Dharma as well as our neighbours and local community.

This COVID and beyond year presents hidden opportunities — it will be relatively quiet as we enter more unknown territory, additionally, some people may have reviewed their personal goals and wish to live their life in a more meaningful way. To achieve this many rare causes and conditions need to come together.

We want to experiment. How can culture and people with individuality at its heart,  move forward and integrate interconnectedness and generosity?
We are seeking:
* People with kind hearts and enthusiasm.
* People who want to help, who are available to help.
* Those who have skills to share. Those who wish to learn new skills. 
* Those with an aspiration that life can be lived in a different, more meaningful way.
* You may be a Buddhist.
* You may be inspired, have a kind heart and support the general message of the Dharma.   

We are in the early days of organising the year of the resident community but if you are interested please get in touch and the dialogue can begin.