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Gomde UK Mission Statement
Gomde, Lindholme Hall Estate provides a refuge for all those who wish to experience an inner calmness in a tranquil setting through the teachings of the Buddha.

Gomde is uniquely situated on a 180 acre estate surrounded by a national nature reserve. The care and conservation of the estate is managed to protect and enhance natural habitats and the environment.

In Tibetan, “ Gom” means to become familiar with something; in this case familiar with the nature of who we really are, through study, reflection and meditation. “De” means a community. So Gomde is a place where the community meditate and practice together.

Gomde is a place for the study of the authentic Buddha Dharma, as taught in the Kagyu and Nyingma traditions and especially the unbroken lineage of the Chokling Tersar.

It is a place to benefit all beings, to help us tame our minds, to transform our disturbing emotions so that our innate kindness, wisdom and compassion can manifest.
Our Values & Organisational Behaviours
At Gomde UK Calmness, Kindness, and Clarity form the basis for how we treat one another and are the foundation from which all of our remaining values unfold.

Gomde UK provides:
An environment in which visitors and residents feel an immediate sense of belonging.
A community in which people feel genuinely valued and cared for.

At Gomde UK, we value Courage and Honesty:
Courage to show up day after day and put forth our best work and our best efforts.
Honesty to engage in honest and respectful dialogue with one another

We value diversity and inclusion, bringing awareness to our own biases that unconsciously influence how we see the world and those around us. We assume positive intent and seek to listen and to understand.

We take Responsibility for our actions, our behaviours, and the impact we have.
When we make a mistake, we acknowledge our role and any lack of skillfulness on our part, make sincere amends, and commit to choosing and doing better the next time.

We take individual Accountability to contribute our respective efforts, so that no one individual or group of individuals has more weight than anyone else to carry.
When we see that others need our help, we pitch in with an attitude of care and Generosity.

We create a harmonious environment that is conducive to practice, work, and living.
We value Humour recognizing that when applied skillfully, it can offer much needed levity while promoting positive connection with those around us.